As Toured Photos

The following are the photos of our home as we saw it advertised online prior to our purchase of it in 2012.  These photos will allow the reader to see the home's "original" appearance as we purchased it.  Obviously, none of the furnishings (or decorations) seen are present now.  In time, progress photos can be seen as progress on our home's restoration are done.  The below images can be used for reference, before and after.

Side Note:  The seller initially used a lousy local realtor who had taken horrible photos.  When the seller released this particular realtor and hired a professional from a large firm, the photos were much more appealing.  Not that any of this really matters to us, but it does go to show that proper real estate photos seriously matter to a seller!

Realtor No. 1 (Lousy):

Realtor No. 2 (Much Better):