About Us

Dear Reader,

I  would like to personally welcome you to our humble blog.  We're here to tell our story, both exciting and horrifying, in our ownership experiences while living in and with our old home.  This will be a long story and the saga will last for many years with hopefully many exciting posts.  I shall be your story teller, so grab a blanket, snuggle with a loved one and re-live our experiences.

I am an engineer working in Connecticut.  My wife teaches biology at a Massachusetts college.  We have a rambunctious boy, Liam, an adorable baby girl, Emily and a mischievous cat, Oliver.  The four and a half of us live in what has become known as the James Warner house, a 260+/- year old center chimney colonial.  

I welcome you to read the very first post telling the story of our purchase of this home (see here) as well as our first winter storm in a home that has no insulation (see here).  Ah, yes, the joy of feeling a crisp breeze of winter through one's window and walls.

I hope to bring to you our learning experiences in repairing the home and furnishing it while trying to juggle our jobs, personal lives and raising our children.  I hope you will find our story interesting and informative.  I welcome comments and suggestions (please no spam) and should you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at confessionsofanantiquehome@gmail.com (I do not accept un-solicited emails or spam comments, they will not be posted).

Happy reading.