Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Damage.

OK, let's be honest.  We're fortunate. We don't live in NJ or near the Atlantic Ocean. We did experience strong winds but our 260 year old home withstood the winds without an issue. We never lost power nor had flooding.  The worst thing that happened was a few sections of our rear property fence fell down. Not a big deal, unlike our fellow antique home owner/blogger from the Enos Kellogg Homestead who now needs to rebuild their barn.

Like my fellow blogger, I too am now facing a rebuild.  Not a barn of course (I should be so lucky to have our original barn still present) but of our fence.  After cleaning up the fallen panels, I noticed that the vertical posts were completely rotted (read that as completely missing). Several pickets were torn off by either vandals from our backdoor "neighbors" or the neighborhood cats. It was only a matter of time before that fence needed to go.

For the rebuild, I've got many choices to choose from:
1.  Replacement in-kind (least labor involved). 
2.  Vinyl (God-forbid). 
3.  Chain-link (might as well get vinyl).
4.  Concrete liner (looks promising, see below).
5.  Original field stone (back breaking).
As with everything, pricing and labor must be evaluated and in time I'll post up our final decision. 
Yes, that's a concrete wall.  From, not an endorsement, just credit.