Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day

It's been quite difficult to update this blog recently.  My pregnant wife and I have been spending many-a-weekend preparing for the arrival of our little boy who is expected June 27.  From the end of March until now, there have been trips to baby stores, family, showers, birth classes, etc. that have taken up plenty of our time without much being spent on home repairs/upgrades.  I am working on small projects and will report when I am able to.  

Recently, however, I made a very small change.  I have been yearning to display some Americanism in my colonial period home.  And when Memorial day approached, I thought this was the time.  As we live in a home from before the Revolutionary period, those living at that time would've been witness to the birth of our nation.  Perhaps displaying an American flag in the late 1770's, when this home was just a baby.  Besides, what colonial period home doesn't need an American flag?  It's like peanut butter and jelly, a combination that just works (for those who aren't allergic).  So, this past Memorial Day, I've decided to put up an American Flag, but not just any American flag.  I wanted a flag that would've originally hung in/on this home, something historical.  So now, the Betsy Ross flag is hanging in our second floor landing window.  If you have the time, has an article on the history of the flag:  Click Here.